The Truth About Serrapeptase

swSerrapeptase has a unique ability and is often referred to as a “miracle enzyme”. It has been popular in Japan and Germany for many years as the preferred medication for a number of medical conditions.  This  enzyme was originally found and extracted from the gut of silkworms. The silkworm produces the enzyme Serrapeptase and this enzyme digests and dissolves the tough cocoon when it is time for the moth to escape and fly away. Scientific researchers have studied and isolated this enzyme and have conducted successful clinical experiments that support the use of Serrapeptase in humans to relieve a number of conditions. Dr. Napier, a German doctor researched Serrapeptase and discovered the benefits  of the Serrapeptase supplement for his patients. The results of his research were amazing. One patient blocked arteries were cleared which prevented bypass surgery. There were many other cases in which this enzyme proved beneficial by dissolving arterial plaque without any side effects. His research also indicated that Serrapeptase was safe in addition to being quite effective.. Additionally, it was noted that Serrapeptase is a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Because it digests all non living tissue, it is effective to eliminate blood clots, cysts, and relieve inflamed tissue. Some patients using Serrapeptase for the treatment of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cardiovascular problems, fibrocystic breast disease, and sinus problems have found relief. It has also been effective in eliminating scar tissue resulting from surgeries or accidents. For more information and the best prices, visit

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